3 Reasons to Increase Your Visits to the Pet Groomers

If your pets are outdoors more often during the summer months, you might think that a normal grooming routine will do, but that's not the case. Your pets need increased professional grooming during the summer. Your pets might not get as dirty during the summer, but they still need the care that only a professional grooming service can provide. If you're not sure about taking your pet to the groomers this winter, read the list provided below. Here are just three of the reasons why your pets do need to be seen by the groomer this summer. 

Identify Paw Injuries

If your pets spend any time outside during the hot summer, then take them to the groomers at least once a month. You might not realize this, but extreme heat can cause serious harm to your pet's paws. Lengthy exposure to the heat can lead to burns, which can lead to lifelong problems for your pets. Not only that but cuts and abrasions can occur when your pets spend a lot of time outside during the winter. That's why grooming is so important. Your groomer can identify those injuries during grooming, which will ensure that treatment gets started before infection can set in. 

Treat Skin Disorders

If you have pets, you need to ensure proper grooming during the summer. Skin conditions can get much worse during the summer. Your dogs and cats are at an increased risk for dry, flaky skin during the summer months. When skin conditions go untreated during the summer, they can leave your pets feeling downright miserable. That's where pet grooming comes into the picture. Each time you bring your pets in for grooming, the groomers will conduct a thorough skin inspection. If any skin conditions are located, they'll make sure that your pets get started with the proper treatment.

Ensure Thinner Coat 

If your pets spend a lot of time outside during the summer, you need to make sure that they don't get too hot. One way to do that is to provide monthly grooming visits throughout the summer. Your pets need their thick fur coats during the winter. However, that's not the case during hot, Australian summers. In fact, during the summer, your pets need less of their fur coats, which is where grooming comes into the picture. Grooming helps to reduce the excess fur that can overheat your pets during the summer.

For more information, contact local pet grooming services.

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