Common Signs That Your Dog Needs Its Teeth Checked

Your dog's teeth are much more important to it than natural teeth are to any human. Dental implants or prosthetics very hard to apply to a dog, so there are no second chances at new teeth. In addition, they use their teeth for just about everything, from eating to scratching themselves and even playing around with you or other dogs. Noticing behaviour that indicates their teeth are not in a good way should be easy then, but only if you are paying attention to the signs. Here are three clear signs that indicate a dog dental check-up is in order as soon as possible.

Changes To Their Eating Habits

Any problem with your dog's teeth will naturally cause an issue with their eating habits. It may not be that they stop eating entirely, but the chance of them not eating as much or eating far slower than common for them is high. Perhaps they will only eat the wet food you provide them, or maybe they will be so stubborn that they won't eat anything at all. This sliding spectrum will be determined on how badly the dog's teeth have been injured, and sometimes they won't even let you check without using anaesthetic on them. If you notice your dog has these issues, make sure to bring them to a vet quickly so they can be taken care of safely.

More Angry Than Normal

If your dog suddenly starts nipping at you or suddenly starts losing its temper with anyone or anything it comes into contact with, then something has triggered its change in disposition. While this is not always an issue with your dog's teeth and it could be an illness of some kind, it is always one of the first places vets check. A dog dental check-up can reveal a lot about your pup, and sometimes it is not always just related to the teeth. For example, the gums can be sore and bleeding too. If your dog is being mean to you then odds are they are in much worse pain themselves.

Loss Of Interest In Their Favourite Activities

Because teeth are so important for a dog, the ability to not use them can have a profound impact on what your dog does each day. Or, more specifically, what it no longer wants to do. Seeing a normally active dog just lazing around or refusing to go outside or for walks is a clear sign that your dog is in a malaise caused by something. Don't let them get too emotionally distressed before you take them to a vet that can explain their shift in behaviour. 

For information about a dog dental check-up, contact a vetrinarian.

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