Four Grooming Tips to Help Deal with Dog Allergies

If one or more members of your family are allergic to your dog, this can make day-to-day living tough. There are many underlying issues that might be causing most allergy attacks. The root of the problem may be solvable with some simple grooming techniques. By involving your groomer and incorporating some daily habits into the process, allergies will calm down and everyone can enjoy the family dog. Here are four dog grooming tips that can help lower dog allergies overall.

Power Shampooing to Get Rid of Dander

Getting your dog regularly washed can make a big difference when it comes to getting rid of dander that can collect on your pet's skin. While this can help with fur allergies, many times allergies come from dander and other external allergens that can build up on your pet. Be sure to work with your groomer and pick dog shampoos that are all-natural. Steer away from scented products that might also be causing allergic reactions.

Brushing and Wipe-Downs for Pollen Pickup

Something that should be included every day when it comes to caring for your dog is a quick wipe-down before entering the house. If dogs have free rein coming in and out of the home, they might bring pollen and other allergens into the home inadvertently. Brushing and wipe-downs should be a part of life during months when allergies can act up.

Lowering Saliva Allergies

Sometimes allergies aren't coming from dander or fur. Secretions from your dog's mouth, eyes, and ears can cause allergies as well. Groomers can offer a deep clean, but this can be kept up at home by cleaning out eyes and ears daily. Brushing and washing can help as well if you have an over-grooming pet that might transfer excess saliva to their fur. While dog kisses are nice, those who are allergic should avoid this affection and keep dogs from sleeping on their pillows and bedding.

Deep Clean When Pooch is at the Groomer

While your dog is getting their spa treatment, this is a great time to get ahead of existing allergens around the house. By working in conjunction with this periodic grooming, you can have a clean slate to start out with lower allergies. If you need a little extra time, have a family member keep your dog at a friend's home or with the groomer until the house is ready.

If you have a family member that loves the family pet but is also allergic, finding a happy medium by keeping up with grooming can be possible. By combining periodic big cleans with grooming and keeping other external allergens off of your dog can all lower possible allergy attacks. You should be able to eventually pinpoint what is really affecting your loved one's allergies when it comes to your dog.

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